Student Government and Leadership

Model United Nations

Description: The Model United Nations is a simulation of the U.N. where students choose to represent one of the 192 countries that make up this world organization. Students will research their chosen country’s current events and stances on major world issues. The students then act as representatives at bi-monthly mock conferences. At these meetings, students will discuss their individual countries issues and pose questions about how they can address problems or work with others to provide solutions.
Eligibility Requirements: None
Procedure for Joining: Apply to sponsor
Sponsor: Mr. Wilson

Orientation Leaders

Description: Students work with sponsors to design the annual orientation for freshmen and transfers studetns
Eligibility Requirements: Nomination by teachers and sponsors
Time Commitment: Spring after school sessions and summer preparation meetings
Procedure for Joining: Apply to sponsor

Principals’ Advisory Council of Students (PACS)

Description: Students communicate with school administration throughout the year
Eligibility Requirements: None
Time Commitment: Five I-Block meetings each year
Procedure for Joining: Letter of interest written to principal
Sponsor: Dr. Bacani

Steering Committees

Description: The Steering Committee for each class is responsible for planning and leading class fundraisers, class trips, and other school and class activities.
Eligibility Requirements: Member of the class
Time Commitment: This is a year long activity with regular meetings during and after school and some evening and weekend responsibilities.
Procedure for Joining: Apply to class sponsors at the end of the school year
Class Sponsors:

Student Council

Description: Students develop leadership skills and represent PWHS student body by expressing student concerns to the administration, improving school climate, and rendering service to the school.
Eligibility Requirements: Must meet academic criteria and maintain a good disciplinary record
Time Commitment: Must attend at least four student council functions, and most general assemblies
Procedure for Joining: I Block Election
Sponsors: Mr. Weiner & Mrs. Rems

World of Difference Peer Trainers

Description: Following intense training, students engage in anti-bias and discrimination awareness activities with their peers in advisory settings.
Eligibility Requirements: Must have completed 9th grade and meet training, academic, and disciplinary criteria
Time Commitment: Several hours per month during I-Block and after school
Procedure for Joining: Application to sponsors
Sponsors: Mr. Carr & Mr. Madel

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