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by Vincezo Doyle (7th grade)

Just being honest, why wouldn't you try to get into the extremely lucrative market?

Technology is the way of the future and there are lots of new advanced tech that is being developed. But if you were to think about it, if you made some software for, let's say a new game console releasing later this year, maybe you're making the UI (User Interface).

If you were to do that, you would get paid a bunch, it wouldn't be just you working on it, there would be a whole team of developers working on it.

Now that's for software, but now for hardware. This would probably be the most profitable and lucrative market there is. With the shortage of semiconductor chips from Covid's fiasco.

But with hardware you would need to have software, at least of some sort, but then also comes to engineering it and parts for said machine, and you don't even know if it will sell.

In my opinion software is probably the best way to go because there is a swarm of new tech releasing now and towards the future, because of all this technology a lot of it could also be outclassed by others. Thus meaning your piece of tech that your software is on, or your hardware could do worse than you think. The way to think about it is how people are making robots that do things for you, like clean, cook, and drive for you.

But it's all about finding not stuff that people can't do. Maybe it could be to make a robot that can live with blind people and help them move sound easier, or for assisted living it could be extraordinary. There even could be robots that can run stores so they can all be 24 hours.

But there will always be people who say that the robots will try to take over, but if all robots were equipped with a kill switch than we would all be fine, even though a scenario like that wouldn't happen.

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