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By Vincenzo Doyle (7th)

In my experience with VR, it's nothing too great, you can look around and have
more control but that control is very limited. Most games are your stationary and can look around and grab things, that's it, just that. Now there are very many really well done VR only experiences, for example Valves Half Life Alyx. but VR felt like more of a fad and not an actual thing people really cared about, it was popular and died out and that was the end of it.

Even with Meta and all of the stuff they're trying to push with that headset, because it isn't going to work and it never will. At this point in time VR will be
nothing more than a gimmick that nobody cares about. It happened just like motion controls, the Wii did it great and for the first time and everybody loved it so all the to the companies rushed them out but by the time they did nobody cared about it anymore and the market was oversaturated. Same with VR, oculus came out with it, everyone loved it and other companies tried to do it too, but an oversaturated market, and not the best games led to its demise.

The future of gaming will most likely be what is known as simulators, now this word probably strikes fear in some people because of just how bad some of these simulations are, but this was what VR was made for. Virtual Reality, a
virtual version of the reality around you, but all the VR games are trying to be all this crazy stuff as the “it can do anything machine” but the reason it's not working is because it can't do anything. The only games that really work well in VR are social games and simulators, that's maybe the occasional FPS, or racer, but it's not what works.

Because in these games there are no rules, in cooking simulator you can put a propane tank in the microwave and watch it explode and you don't have any consequences to deal with but if that were to happen in the real world then there would be an entire building gone.

VR was all about simulating the reality around you with no consequences linked to your virtual actions. In some games you can do such things as commit tax fraud, get fired from your job, start fires, and print money on your office's photocopier. Sure it offers lots of benefits but what else does it bring, but this is all my opinion because I hate the idea of VR. I don't want to be immersed in the well built world, I want to be an anthropomorphic vegetable working as a janitor at a multi million dollar company.