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by Ayana Mehta (6th grade)

Would you rather be the older sibling or the younger sibling? It’s a hard choice but there has to be an easier one right?

Being the younger sibling means having to be tortured by your older sibling, but on the other hand being the older sibling means you have to step out of your comfort zone and take on the responsibility.

Being the older child means that you're like your parents' guinea pig, or like their test subject. On the other hand being the younger child means that you feel overpowered by your siblings that are older than you.

If you think that is hard, imagine being the middle child or maybe you are already? The middle child means that you just end up being overshadowed by both your younger and older sibling.

I am an older sibling, and it is hard being on the lookout for my younger brother and sister. 

Ultimately, you have to be someone, so whatever the challenges are, you'll probably wish you were the other: if you're the oldest, you wish you were the youngest, and vice versa. But remember: your sibling probably wishes they were you at some point too!