By Amelia Johnson and Zoe Walinsky (8th)

Starting in December, Colonial Middle School will get closer to “normal” school
before the pandemic by bringing back "Activity Period."

Activity Period replaces Learning Time on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and teachers off a ton of fun activities.There still will be learning time, but just on Tuesday and Thursday.

There are a bunch of really fun activities run by your teachers. You will be given a spreadsheet with the activities on your floor that you can sign up for and be apart of on that designated day.

Not all teachers have activities though, you can go to a teacher for help during this time too, like a study hall.

Some of these activities:

  • food network
  • board games
  • karaoke
  • card games
  • corn hole
  • trivia
  • study hall
  • mindfulness
  • media and design
  • black cultural awareness club (where high school students apart of this club will come down to help run this program).

Mrs. Spivey, who is in charge of Activity Period, just wants students to have, “a voice and a choice.

Students should be able to pick what they can do, or give them proper support with people that also need support.

"I hope people get excited!" she said, "Trimester 2 will be soo much fun!”

Stay tuned for more information!