by Jordan Paul (6th)

This year, there have been some new faces at CMS, and one of those is Mr. Wysocki. Mr. Wysocki is one of the newest members of the 6th grade ELA teachers. And unlike a lot of other new teachers, Mr. Wysocki is a first year teacher who student-taught at CES last year, but now he’s taking on the full teacher role here. “It is really exciting to be a first year teacher,” Mr. Wysocki remarked, “but it's also very nerve racking  to get used to a brand new school and new students. One thing that helps me is that I already know some students from last year.”

Although he’s a teacher now, his mind wasn’t always set towards that. “I got into teaching in college, but it was my minor. My major was actually in sports media.” He interned with many sports teams including the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs - the minor league-baseball team - in college before making the switch to working in education at the Vanguard School in Malvern as a Classroom Assistant before CMS.

Mr. Wysocki’s life outside of school is full of friends and family. “Outside of school, I love spending time with my family. I live with my girlfriend, dog and cat.” He also loves to watch sports, especially the Eagles and Phillies. He grew up in Bucks County and enjoys going back home to visit, where he watches sports with his parents and hangs out with his friends from home. According to him, being a teacher didn’t have a chance in stopping him from getting to his sports. 

Mr. Wysocki also isn’t the kind of teacher that will discipline kids as his way of teaching. He says, “I want my students to know that I’m here because I care about them and want them to succeed. I am not here to discipline them and I want students to feel good in my classes, and know I am here to help them grow.” The last thing he wants is for his students to feel bad or give up.

Even though Mr. Wysocki has just joined CMS this year, he has already created a loving, caring environment for his students to learn. Please join me in welcoming Mr. Wysocki into the CMS family!