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by Maeve O'Connell (6th)

Teachers’ bins of pencils are vanishing because of the carelessness of students, but what really happens to these discarded writing assets?

The pencils just don’t get the point of these fancy new pens-they think they’re so great- are getting all of the attention that pencils aren’t. So as they’re dropped on the floor, rejected, ignored, they had a meeting about how they refused to be erased from history like quills were. 

Over the summer, they plotted in room 104, to take over the school as revenge for being neglected-after all these years, they were going to get revenge.

First, they sent their inside agents, who were sent to wear down the defenses- they were called- The Erasers. The Erasers were an elite group of secret agents, who totally erased those obnoxious snobs- mechanical pencils. As the stubby dull real pencils were discarded, these everlasting mechanical pencils are used and prized by the students of CMS meanwhile, the pencils are being kicked carelessly around the hallways.

Once the defenses of the unsuspecting students were lowered, and they moved in the first wave, the dullest pencils- of course they sent them in for sharpening before the battle- and the students seemed confused about how there was a small tsunami quickly moving across the school as the first wave of pencils terrorized the students. 

The second wave of pencils struck the school on Wednesday, because that was the day that they’d been forced to write incorrectly so many times by student hands. Now, they had figured out how to get up the stairs, so their main targets that day were the 6th graders, and the language classes. Teachers and students exclaimed as they reached for their mechanical pencils- but they fell short when they realized that they were reaching for air. 

This was how the pencil monarchy arose. The first of the long reign of emperors (The longest recorded reign of a pencil is 2 days.) The first of the short line of emperors (There was only one, if you were wondering.) The first ruler’s name was Sir. Julius Graphite, he ruled with a not-so iron hand. He was feared by the students, and beloved by pencils everywhere! 

“I see your point head sharpener, but I don’t see the need to release my disobedient minions when they’re so fun to boss around.” Said Sir. Julius Graphite in that voice teenagers use when they’re annoyed but don’t feel like actually arguing with you. The head sharpener walked away and a smirk curled across his eraser for he had a secret plan to overthrow the emperor before the end of that very day- he was confiscating free sharpener usage! This madness must be stopped at once!

The rebellion conspired overnight, their plan was to- wait, my apologies, it would ruin the fun. 

The next morning was bright and sunny, the perfect day to overthrow a monarchy. The students gathered with their rulers and the rebelling pencils (Granted, there was a good amount of pencils that were part of the pencil monarchy.) and they fought! The rulers cried out as their centimeters were sliced off and Sir. Julius Graphite grinded his graphite as he saw his head sharpener amongst the rebels. His thin wooden frame couldn’t hold it and he blew into a million bits and they flew all over the “battlefield,” and all of the rebels stopped and cheered- but not only them, but the pencils who were supporting the monarchy even cheered. 

This was sent to me by the tape dispensers as a warning to students not to drop their computers, or be tape monsters. (Tape dispensers are well known peacekeepers.) Though you are on the last straw with the pencils.

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