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by Thea Markus (8th)

Leg day. A phenomenon of the legs. A rite of passage of the legs in which people alter the molecular structure of their calf, thigh, toe, knee, foot, and hip muscles. Some might say that leg day is just a day of working out to strengthen your legs, others might say that it is the hardest workout of the week, but the few wise people out there know that it is much more than just working out your legs, in fact it is a spiritual awakening of the highest kind.

What people don’t understand is that Leg Day is better than National Situation Awareness day, it’s better than Monday, it’s better than your birthday, it’s the best day. Leg day has inspired people around the globe! Including flat Earthers. As humans we must do better to understand the importance of Leg Day.

One computer nerd has stated “I named my legs” truly a heartwarming and important statement. Another advocate for Leg day named Fern has stated, “Legs are a part of me! They are like the L to my egs!” Clearly, legs are special to this person. A toe wrestler has also said “I did cross country” WOWIE! How inspiring. This person definitely knows their legs.

As you can see, legs are important to so many people. A world without legs would be like an egg without a yolk. Just hollow. Schools should work harder to bring attention to leg day, they should have
specific meditation and workout sessions for opening up people’s minds about legs and leg day.

People can bring awareness to leg day by biking everywhere they go, even across countries, running marathons, styling socks better, and more!

After all, leg day is everyday.


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