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By Avery Crump (6th Grade)

Some people think of cursive lettering as troublesome, while others believe it is easy. Then there are the people that do not even remember or know how to write in cursive at all.

Brady Fox for one, states "I don't remember how to write every cursive letter." This is an issue— an issue we need to fix. Writing in cursive is crucial when you are an adult, which is why practicing cursive in middle school would be advantageous.

Cursive's impact on the child's mind

upper and lowercase letters written in cursive on a practice sheet

Though cursive is mostly used when you are an adult, cursive also has its benefits on children. It can improve spelling skills, which also helps with recognizing more complex words.

Another effect is that writing in cursive can actually enhance a student's intelligence. When you write in cursive, it can help train the brain to be able to take in as much information as possible, which will improve test scores.

Not only does cursive improve things mentally, but it also helps a person physically. Writing in cursive is faster than typing, and is evidently faster than normal handwriting. And if a student has the ability to write quickly, it will be admirable assistance for timed essays/tests, such as the SATs.

Cursive's importance when you are an adult

close up of hand writing with pen

Passports, contracts, taxes, bills. All of these things require cursive handwriting in one way or another. Even though the future is years away, it would be essential for middle school students to get a jump on practicing cursive now 

Cursive handwriting might be difficult at the start, but once practiced it can be just as easy as traditional handwriting. However, it will take years of practice, which is why middle schoolers must start writing in cursive now, that way once they get older, it will be a breeze.

Cursive should be required

So, cursive is not only great for the child's mind, it is also significant as an adult. Because of these noteworthy perks, middle schools should make cursive handwriting a requirement. It will be beneficial now, and in the long run.