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Florida man charged with burglary brings ‘get out of jail free’ card to court
Published March 25, 2023 9:39pm EST
by Ayana Willoughby (8th)

Jefferson County man was recently found guilty on three counts of breaking and entering.

Police say he was unusually obedient, as the man had previously resisted arrest when he was
reported for attempting to steal a catalytic converter.

Officers outlined the man telling them he allegedly "had a plan", referring to his scheme to clear
the charges by bringing a Monopoly 'get out of jail free' card to court.

Victims of the crimes included shopkeeper Rob Henson, hairdresser Lisa Goldstein, and an
additional woman who asked not to be named.

Both Henson and Goldstein were shocked when informed of the felon's absurd method of
evading criminal prosecution.

"It's so bizarre," Goldstein told NBC News upon being asked about how she felt about the
incident. "I'm angry that this man waltzed right in and tried to rip my TV off the wall. At the
same time, it still makes me laugh at how he believed this Monopoly card could help him cheat
the prison system."

Henson, a traditional Southerner, did not have a response as lighthearted as Goldstein's.
"I hope those criminals rough 'em up real good in jail. The man who broke into my store thinks
it's all fun and games, well it ain't all fun and games. Someone better set that kid straight 'fore I
go set 'em straight myself [sic]."

The convicted man will serve fifteen years in prison without parole.