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by Ivy Piersol (6th)

The debate of whether students should have homework or not has been going around for many years. So let's get into it.  

Kids shouldn't have homework 

Some kids say they shouldn't have homework .The reason kids shouldn't have homework after school is because of activities. Most kids have at least one after school activity. For example, sports and clubs which take at least a few hours of their day. Kids have to study for tests. The man who created homework, Roberto Nevelis, never intended for it to become an everyday thing, but to punish students for not having a good understanding of the topic.

Yes, you heard me right: homework was intended as a punishment. Several students we asked said homework was a burden to them and messed up their schedule and caused unneeded stress, and they wished they never had it. That is why we believe kids should not have homework.

 Kids should have homework

Kids hate homework sometimes, but it can be good. It helps them get a better understanding of  the topic they are learning about and helps the teachers help students reinforce their learning. Students also need homework to make sure they don't forget the topic.  Homework also helps with tests by helping you review a topic; it also gives kids something educational to do after school instead of just watching tv and playing video games. That is why we believe kids should have homework.               

📜What I think about this📜     

 Overall, I think that kids shouldn't have homework because it causes unnecessary stress to students and many kids have after school activities even though it does have some benefits.