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by Blake Ambler (8th)

Phillies- The Phillies have started their spring training and it is going strong. The players that are in the minors are over performing the expectations set on them. Unfortunately Andrew painter, according to the MLB's prospect rankings the sixth best prospect in MLB, a Phillie, is undergoing elbow test because he is experiencing elbow pain. Hope that painter gets better because he is looking to be the future of the Phillies pitching staff.

Sixers-  The Sixers are 3rd in their conference with a playoff spot still intact. Hope their season continues to go well and as it has been. They are 4.5 games back and with their season ending soon every game matters and will help them go up in the standings. Hope they keep on winning.

Flyers- The Flyers are the second worst team in their division and the 26 best in the league. There are only 32 teams in the NHL so being 26 means that they are in the lower end of the league. The Flyers trade deadline was a disappointment to most flyers fans with the team making no major trades when the team is in need for a rebuild.

Eagles- The eagles will start the new season off with a lot of new faces coaching. They have a lot of players that need a new contract so they will have to decide if they want them back or not or if they think they can get a better player for them. They have the 10th overall pick so it will be interesting to see if they trade back and try and get a 1st rounder next year or what they will do with the pick.