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by Blake Ambler (8th)

Eagles- The Eagles are 6 days away from the biggest game of the season, the Super Bowl. Nick Sirianni's Eagles are going to face off against Andy Reid’s Chiefs. Super Bowl 57 has a lot of story going on with Andy Reid facing off against his former team, the Kelce brothers facing off against each other, and two MVP candidates facing off against each other in the biggest, most watched game of the season.

Flyers- The Flyers are playing their first game today, Monday, Feb 6, 2023 in the “second half” of the season. They are coming off of the All star game with their all star getting 2 assists and their division losing in the first round. Hope they continue to win!

Sixers- The Sixers are still 3rd in their division and are in a playoff spot still. They are continuing to win games and that will keep them in the playoffs. Their All star break is coming up and they have, as of right now, 1 star, Joel Embiid, who was voted in by all of the coaches.

Phillies- On February 15th The pitchers and Catchers will meet along with on the 21 everyone else reporting. The MLB season is almost here and that means the Phillies are going to have a chance at making the playoffs again.