by Blake Ambler (8th)

Eagles - The Philadelphia Eagles are heading back to the Super Bowl!! The Eagles beat the San
Francisco 49ers in a Sunday evening matchup sending them to play the Kansas City Chiefs and
represent the Nation Football Conference(NFC) in Super Bowl LVII. The Eagles with the best
defense still available and arguably the best offense available can't go into the game thinking
they won it already because the Chiefs are going to want to be the Champs. Fly Eagles Fly. It's
a Philly thing.

Phillies- The Phillies signed Josh Harrison, a 35 year old 2nd baseman to a one year 2 million dollar deal. He will have a bench spot for the Phillies. So the Phillies could fit him on the roster, they drop
reliever Sam Coonrod, who is now a free agent.

Flyers- The Flyers have won just as many games as they have lost making them a .500 win
percentage. Flyers player Zack MacEwen broke his jaw and is out for one month. Zack was only
a 4th liner (they have 4 lines) but he is a valuable player to the Flyers so hopefully he will get
better fast and be better than he was before.

Sixers- The Sixers are 3 games behind first place. They are still in the playoffs if the season
ended today so there is not much to worry about. The Sixers don't have any players starting in
the NBA All star game. Hopefully the Sixers continue to play this way and don’t drop down.