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Philadelphia Sports, by Blake Ambler (8th)

Phillies The Philadelphia Phillies are world series bound. Bryce Harper was named the NLCS MVP by the MLB. The Phillies had in 85 games the same exact record in 2022 and 2008 so that is some added hope for the upcoming World Series matchup. A recap of the Philadelphia Phillies postseason was.... In the Wild Card series against the St Louis Cardinals was a 2-0 series sweep, in the National League Division Series against the Atlanta Braves the Philadelphia Phillies won 3-1, in the National League Championship Series the Phillies Beat the San Diego Padres 4-1, and they are taking on the Houston Astros in the World series.

Eagles The 6-0 Philadelphia Eagles take on the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday October 30. The Eagles made a trade for the Chicago Bears Defensive End Robert Quinn. The Eagles traded a 4th round pick, and the NFL draft has 7 rounds so they should trade a middle of the line player for an all star last year.

Flyers The 4-2 Philadelphia Flyers are off to a hot start. Under John Tortillelo as Head Coach the team is surprising everyone. Looking like one of the top teams in the league, they beat the Stanley Cup finalist, the Tampa Bay Lightning , already with a lot of the better teams falling to the flyers.

Sixers The 1-4 Philadelphia 76ers are off to a cold start. The team even with their superstars playing is not performing to the hype. Hopefully Doc Rivers' team will change their losing style and start to win again.