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by (Zoe McCaffrey, 6th grade) 

Can you guess what object this poem is about?

I’m anxiously waiting for a drink
It should be coming soon, I think
And suddenly, I’m in the pink
‘Cause water came right from the sink

I feel as if I am afloat
With water as it fills my throat
It’s a thirst-quenching antidote
And on my bed I am a boat

The energy, it fills my veins
I feel like a horse, free from reins
I could run across the plains
Even though I have no brains

I’ll never move, not any day
Sometime I’ll just wither away
I’ve never had a word to say
In this spot I will just stay

But I am colorful and bright
I’ve not a worry, day or night
I’ve never felt sadness or fright
The sun shines down on me with light

I would smile if I could
Because my life is really good
Just staring at this neighborhood
You should smile, yes, you should..
And then, taller, you will have stood



Answer: I'm a flower!