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by Hannah Dolan (6th)

The clock struck 13. The detective searched for the criminal. “Come out
wherever you are!” He shouted. A drop of blood fell from the ceiling as a
ghost appeared! And he was never seen again! “How can the clock strike
13?” Granny said, pissed off. She thought this movie was stupid as
anything, so she turned it off like a classic cranky old folk. She heated
water for chamomile tea, and sat at the table in her robe. She took out a
newspaper from 8 months ago, and read the ultimate prank of 2022. The
ultimate prank of that year was, you guessed it, Hazel and Timothy's prank.
Also known as Sunny boy and Sunny girl. Granny wondered what
happened to those two, and boy did she want to know.

“Okay Tim, you got expelled from the last school in our town!” Mrs.Bean
scolded Sunny boy. “But mom, I can’t help it!” He fought back. “That's it
son! We are sending you to boarding school!” Mr.Bean pointed as the
words “Boarding school” almost made Sunny boy fall out of his chair.
“Oooh someone's in trouble..” Cindy laughed. It has been her dream ever
since Sunny boy was born for him to leave the house. They were like
Pugsley and Wednesday, hating each other every second of their lives.
“Dad! Mom! I can be better!” Sunny boy cried. “You will be going to Smile
academy in Ohio!”

Smile Academy? Ohio? This place sounded horrible already. Sunny boy
tried to protest, but his parents would hear none of it. “Pack your bags, Tim!
You're gonna be gone a long time...” Cindy smiled, as she laughed a dark,
evil laugh. Sunny boy dropped his head and walked to his room to start
packing. But what he did not know was that his life was going to take a
complete turn.... The day came of the next semester of Smile Academy
and Sunny boy walked out of his house, taking the last breath of

As the beans drove to Smile Academy, he looked out the window. There
was absolutely no snow and it was february! Sunny Boy had a fear of no
snow. The trees looked slightly off, followed by the grass. Sunny Boy was
living his worst nightmare. As they arrived at Smile Academy, the whole
building was fluorescent colors. Sunny Boy could not even see well. “Smile!
Smile! Smile Academy!” Sunny Boy saw kids in rainbow tye dye uniforms
singing with a giant smile on their faces. “Don’t worry, we will take well care
of your precious Tim!” A large,British lady stood talking to the beans.
“Goodbye son!” The beans waved goodbye as Tim stood still, frozen. “No..”
He cried. “Tim eh? Follow me jolly lad and I will show you the uniforms.”
The large lady took Sunny boy by the collar and brought him to her office.

“Here you go lad. Your Trousers and shirt.” Sunny boy looked her in the
eye. “Thanks..” He took his fluorescent, tye dye uniform. “I’m
Ms.Onionsauce! So about the need to be happy all the time or
you will be sorry!” Ms.Onionsauce said, while showing Sunny boy around.
Sunny boy gulped. “For lunch we have fish and chips with candy floss as a
dessert! The fish and chips are rainbow colored like our souls!” Sunny boy
laughed nervously. This school was really off. “Those are the fellow
students! Hi, RainbowLucy!” A happy looking kid walked up to Ms.
Onionsauce. “Hello new best friend!” RainbowLucy smiled and walked by.
“So that's our lovely school! Any questions?” Ms.Onionsauce asked, with a
creepy smile on her face. “Yeah. Why is everyone here always smiling, and
why do they walk and talk in synchronized fashion!” He shrieked. “Oh yeah
and one last thing.”

Sunny boy looked up, as Ms.Onionsauce pulled out an odd looking
necklace. “Stare at the dot..” She said evilly. Sunny boy followed her
orders, confused. She started waving it around. “You will be like the
others...” Suddenly, a group of kids in eye black and all black uniforms
popped out. “Stop!” One girl shouted. She had a yellow bat, and she had
an outfit that looked like the uniform, just instead of a rainbow, it was black
and gray. Sunny boy looked up. “Follow us!” Another girl led Sunny boy to
a dark room. “UGH! TIME OUT KIDS GO AWAY! TIMOTHY?!” Ms.

Onionsauce shouted in all caps. “Mmmm!” Sunny boy yelled. “Shhh!
They're looking for you!” The girl said. “Okay I think they're gone. I’m Ellie!”
The girl smiled. “I’m Tim!” He smiled back. “Oh we know all about you!
Follow me, let me introduce you to the timeout squad.” Inside the hideout,
there were a bunch of kids and the same girl who saved him. But she
seemed familiar in a way. The girl with the bat looked down, as her jaw
dropped. “TIM?!” Sunny boy recognized that voice. “HAZEL?!” They glared
at each other. “Great! You guys already know each other!” Ellie laughed
nervously. “So? You came crawling back?” Hazel mumbled. “Crawling?!
No, my parents made me go here!” Sunny boy shot back.

“Oh.” The room was silent until a small boy spoke up. “Uh, my favorite
show is Caillou!” He smiled. “Caillou? Shut up, I love that show!” Ellie
smiled. The time out squad talked about the masterpiece of a show, and
Sunny boy went up to Sunny girl. “Hey, so you're still mad at me?” He
chuckled nervously. “I guess.” She mumbled. They were quiet for a long
time. “Sorry I guess. But I beg of you, please don’t make me go back!” He
got down on his knees and begged. “Fine. Here. Take the uniform and eye
black.” She handed him the supplies. He later found out everyone in the
time out crew had a job.

The time out crew was on a mission, you see, and everyone has a special
job. Ellie was the head of planning missions, the small guy, Chuck, was in
charge of distractions. The twins, Gabby and Gabe were in charge of
lookout, and Hazel was the president. Sunny boy had no idea what his job
would be, but he wanted to feel like he belonged. “Wait, so what's our
mission again?” Sunny boy asked. Sunny girl rolled her eyes and walked
away. “Oops..” Sunny boy stood there, feeling embarrassed. “No, it's okay!
No worries! She does it to all of us...But this time remember, today's
mission is going to be finding Ms.Onionsauce’s secret.”

Ellie smiled and started to explain. “So you know the secret room she hides
away? Well we believe there is a secret in there. We plan to investigate at
night. So at 10pm, meet us in the courtyard!” She explained and waved.
She ran to the lunchroom. Sunny boy just stood there, speechless.
He did not want to get caught! Ms.Onionsauce was already super freaky when she was happy, he could not imagine her angry! Later that night, the squad met in the rainbow courtyard. “Ugh this place hurts my eyes even at night!” Gabby complained. “No kidding, I'm super tired. Hey prez, this better be worth it!” Gabe and Gabby complained more.

“I promise! We will find out
her biggest secret and expose her!” Sunny girl laughed. “Uh, I'm sorry to
interrupt, but my porridge is getting cold!” Chuck stated. “No one cares
chuck!” Gabby rolled her eyes. “Whatever, let's just start the plan!” Ellie
interrupted the fighting. The squad walked upstairs, in a quiet manner.
They walked up the stairs to the creaky hallway. That was where the secret
room was, afterall. “Guys this way!” Sunny girl led everyone into the room.
It was all dark and dusty. Sunny boy coughed. When Chuck pulled the light,
there was a huge box shaped thing covered with a dusty blanket. “Pull it!”
Sunny girl yelled at Gabe, as he pulled it to reveal a futuristic object. “It
looks like..” Ellie examined the object. “A time machine!” Everyone gasped.
This was it...Ms.Onionsauce was a time traveler. “Come on guys, we must
find out the secrets of the past.”

To be continued...