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by Hannah Dolan (6th grade)

Sometimes evil is not what you assume. Sometimes evil can be in the cutest, littlest, things. Let me tell you a story about a Granny who experienced this fright….And regrets it day by day. Granny was a normal granny who was very optimistic and happy all the time! She was president in 1955 for 2 days until she became mayor of sleepy hollow. She owns 15 pink houses with flower bedding everywhere! And the smell of cats fills the air in each one of them. She has been to the moon 5 times in her life and swam to the bottom of the ocean. She is 92 years old and can still sing opera perfectly. Not to mention she was a Broadway star back in the days before tv was created! But why is she so scary you ask? Well you will see….

Granny was thrilled today because her grandchild, Sunny boy, was coming
to visit for the summer even though he lived on the other side of the country! Granny heard a knock on her door. “SUNNY BOY!” She went outside and hugged someone. But it was not Sunny boy...It was, THE MAILMAN! Dun! dun! Dun! “What the heck lady?” The mail man left. Granny felt mad he did not give her the mail but she was way too excited for Sunny Boy to come. The second time she looked first and saw it was Sunny boy! “SUNNY BOY!” She yelled in all caps and hugged her grandson who was now 6 years old! “Yeah yeah handover the cookies!” Sunny Boy crossed his arms and glared. Was Sunny boy becoming... MATURE?! This is so scary and full of horror!

Later that night, Granny made Sunny Boy a sleeping bag made of yarn. Sunny boy was not amused but Granny was so happy he was staying for the summer! When she put him to bed, she heard evil laughs but did not think much of that. Besides, Sunny Boy must be having an innocent terrible dream! The next day, it was Sunny Boy's first day of summer school in Florida! “Do you have your backpack, my sweet little munchkin?” Granny asked Sunny boy. “Yeah bye.” Sunny boy slammed the door and walked to Summer school. He had enough of being in Florida! The house smelled, everyone only played golf, they had no pool! But just then he had a plan. An AWFUL plan. A TERRIBLE, AWFUL, plan. He was going to sabotage the retirement home. Suddenly, Sunny Boy was laughing in the middle street, maliciously! But then a kid about his age popped out and smiled. “Hello I am Sunny Girl.” She smiled innocently. “Hi I am Sunny Boy!” They smiled but it was in an evil way. “I have to go to Summer School! My life is really sad…” He bragged. “ I have to be bored every day because my grandparents work at the thrift store and I’m not allowed to touch anything!” Sunny Girl shot back.

“I am not a good kid.” Sunny boy yelled. “ I AM THE WORST KID!” She screamed. The grandparents walking by stared into their adorable 6 year old eyes and ignored them. “Hey Sunny girl, wanna prank this retirement home?” He whispered. Sunny girl nodded and her adorable smile turned into the evilest face. “Let's do it!” They set up so many pranks that you could not count! They did pranks like, pin on a chair, and foam in a bucket! Those kids were very naughty. They quickly ran away and waited for the pranks to be discovered. An old man walked in and then a bucket of blue water spilled on his head.

“MY DENTURES!” He shrieked. The old people kept on getting pranked by those evil kids. But they had no idea who did it! So they decided to have a meeting about these evil pranks once and for all. “These pranks ruined my wig!” One grandma said. “They ruined my dentures!” The old man said. “Okay! Okay! One at a time!” The manager yelled. “ Maybe it was teenagers!” One man said. Suddenly everyone started booing. Sunny boy just snickers. “I know who did it!” Sunny boy pointed to Granny. “What? Sunny boy?” Granny cried. “Get her!” Suddenly a bunch of old people were chasing Granny.

“This is for ruining my dentures!” The old man chased granny at 0.00000003 miles per hour. Sunny boy high fived Sunny girl, and then laughed. “We did it! We got revenge!” She cracked up. “Ahem.” The manager appeared behind them. They gulped. “Hey everyone! These are who did it!” The manager yelled, as all the old people looked behind. Sunny boy shivered as he saw all the old people glare at him. “You are too cute. You must be a teenager in a kid costume!” An old man yelled. “Or he is very small for his age!” An old Lady suggested.

Optimistic granny had a laugh of revenge, because Sunny boy just got exposed! “This was not part of the plan!” Sunny girl whispered to Sunny boy. Suddenly an angry woman walked in. She had curly blonde hair and a pink cowgirl outfit. “HAZEL BOTTOM!” She screamed. “MOM?! You drove here all the way from Nashville?!” Sunny girl cried. “How could you ruin the retirement home?!” Hazel stared at Sunny boy as he burst out laughing. “But mom-” Hazel Said. “No buts! That's it, I am sending you away to boarding school!” Hazel stopped. “No mommy!” Hazel screamed as Ms. Bottom carried her away.

“Now Sunny boy. How could you be that negative?!” Granny asked, as she shedded a tear, at 0.000000001 seconds per hour. That night, Granny was very upset as Sunny boy played his nintendo. “TIMOTHY BEAN!” Mrs.Bean walked in as Mr.Bean and Cindy Bean followed. “Looks like you're in trouble…” Cindy snickered. “You will be grounded for the rest of your life! Bye mom, I will be doing you a favor!” Mrs. Bean took Timothy and slammed the door. Optimistic granny continued watching Mexican soap operas. The retirement home recovered and were very happy and optimistic.

This is a tale that has been spread year by year and I suggest that you pass it down each generation. Remember, to be aware of these kids who will try to trick you…Save your retirement today and do not trust suspicious kids. Thank you for your time and I hope you learned a valuable lesson!