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by Shawn Goretsky and Aranya Bava (6th)

Is Volleyball a good sport?

Volleyball isn’t a sport that you would usually watch on TV a lot. It's not as popular as Baseball,Basketball,football or hockey, and that's why I’m writing about it. I'm trying to find out if it's good. I'm trying to figure out, is volleyball a good sport?

What is Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport that is sort of like tennis. You have to get a ball, over a net, onto the other side. There are a bunch of differences between them though. For example the net and ball are a lot bigger than a tennis ball and net. You also play on a team for volleyball but you also play on a team for tennis.  That is about a good summary of what volleyball is.

History of Volleyball

Volleyball can be linked back to 1895, Massachucetes, USA, where it was called Mintonette. Now it is a sport played by over millions globally, The creator of volleyball is American William G. Morgan, who had the bright and creative idea to make a sport that is a well blended mixture of baseball, handball, basketball, and tennis.

Where is Volleyball played

In order to figure out if volleyball is a good sport, we have to find who actually plays it. It's a common sport to play on the beach pretty much everywhere. It's played professionally in Japan, China and Korea. It's also pretty popular in Australia and New zealand. 

How popular is volleyball

Viewing statistics about different sports:

Volleyball (NCAA): 8% of people

Football (NFL): 65% of people

Basketball (NBA): 51% of people

Baseball (MLB): 42% of people

Comparing most popular sports with volleyball, according to ‘Live Sports Viewership Statistics 2023: How Americans Watch Their Favorite Sports’, you can see that volleyball is definitely outclassed, and might not be that big of a sport to watch on TV. On the other hand, around 800 million people worldwide play volleyball at least once a week. So volleyball might not be widely watched, but it is popular because so many people play it, pro or just for fun.

What people think

We are missing the final piece to the puzzle. We need to find what people think about Volleyball.

Benji Colcher: “Yes because it's a good gym sport and you can play it at school.”

Ava Gayl:  “Yes because it's fun and you get to whack a ball.”

Clarissa Goddard: “I like volleyball because I get to throw ball’s at people’s faces, and not get sued for it.”

Gocelyn Quinn: “I like Volleyball because I recently learned how to overhand serve and it works.”

Erin Cui: I don’t like volleyball because I played it in the gym and my arms hurt. I got hit with a volleyball, and I heard you could break your thumb.

London Massey: Yes, because it’s fun to play, and it improves your agility.


To wrap it up, volleyball is a good sport. It might not be as popular as football and baseball but that doesn't diminish its quality. Based on how the people we talked to think, volleyball is fun to play and you can play it in most places. It's been around a long time and not many people play it here in the US but they play it in other places professionally. That is why volleyball is a good sport.