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by Zoe McCaffrey (6th grade)

Cookie Run: Kingdom and other Cookie Run apps have been pretty popular across the App Store. The newest edition, Cookie Run: Kingdom has had over two million players. A pretty large number!

The game is a combination of many types. It has a story about the five Ancient Cookies, the dreaded Dark Enchantress Cookie who plans to take over all of Earthbread, and the Witches who created the Cookies–to eat them!

But it is also a battle game; with more of the story uncovered as you travel through the kingdoms, chasing after a Cake Hound to find a crown. Plus, your Cookies have uncovered a kingdom of their own. You can upgrade your castle, produce supplies, and go on epic quests.

Another thing you can indulge yourself in is testing your strength against other actual players in the arena! It’s a very eventful and lively app, and there are new cookies you can get in the Gacha every month.

As of January 2023, Cookie Run has been rated approximately 4.7 out of five stars. I looked at the lowest ratings, and why people had chosen to rate this lovely, well-thought game that way, and one description caught my eye: a lack of Moonlight Cookie.

Perhaps I should inform you who Moonlight Cookie is first. Before Cookie Run: Kingdom was created in 2021, Cookie Run Ovenbreak was released in 2016. Both apps were made by the same creator–Devsisters–and have similar attributes–such as some Cookies in common, and the rarities of those Cookies are the same (besides Ovenbreak’s lack of the “guest,” “special,” and “ancient” rarities, which Kingdom does have–but the gamemode of both apps are definitely not the same, and Ovenbreak has pets while Kingdom doesn’t (there are many other differences as well, but I won’t go into that now.)

Anyway, Moonlight Cookie was released in 2017 with her pet, Dreamcatcher. She is of the legendary rarity and her favorite treasure is the Mysterious Golden Pouch. A lot of people really liked her and her moon-flying ability, but that’s not the only thing everyone was crazy about. Another one of the legendary cookies found in Ovenbreak was called Sea Fairy cookie. A lot of people liked her, too. She had a mysterious backstory and powerful water abilities (her hair is literally made of water; what’s not to like?). But another very significant thing about this Cookie was her partner: the previously mentioned Moonlight Cookie.

Sea Fairy was frozen under a curse, and players of the game have reason to
believe that was because she was reaching towards the moon–where Moonlight sleeps–causing high tides. We think that she was frozen to protect the other cookies. But the Cookie Run apps are originally Korean, and were translated to other languages, such as English. The direct translation of Sea Fairy Cookie’s
quotes mention love and longing more often, while the English lines we are given are much more mysterious and seemingly unfinished. But these quotes often mention the beauty of the moon and her incomplete soul, and we can deduce from this evidence that she is longing for her partner who is resting on the moon. But when Cookie Run: Kingdom was released, Sea Fairy was released soon after, while we waited years for Moonlight Cookie so the girlfriends could be reunited.

But it seemed like Moonlight would never come. But recently... she finally has.
On January 19th, 2023, the day literal millions of people have been waiting for has arrived.

Moonlight cookie is a legendary Cookie, of the magic class and in the middle position. She can be collected in the Cookie Gacha, but there is also a special limited Moonlight Gacha where the chance of getting her is increased. The currency is not crystals, but moonlight shards, which are limited and can only be used for that Gacha. I myself actually was lucky enough to obtain Moonlight Cookie on January 29th, 2023. It took a LOT of tries. Some people are more lucky than others, but it’s fun to try.

I wish you luck in trying to obtain the legendary Moonlight Cookie!

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