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by Cam Moore (6th)


This month has been another chaotic month in the world of sports. Two impressive NCAA basketball tournaments (as well as the finish of many NCAA seasons altogether), the end of the NBA and NHL regular seasons (and playoff starts), unfortunate passings, and even a relocation (no, it’s not the Athletics).

Both NCAA basketball tournaments ended with two favorites winning them, in UConn and South Carolina. Both tournaments were great, with the women’ tournament again making massive steps in viewership.

However, as one popular NCAA sport ends its season, another popular college sport begins its season. NCAA baseball and softball is back! Texas A&M currently leads the baseball rankings, while rivals Texas currently leads the softball rankings.

The NBA and NHL regular seasons ended more than a week ago, and they included, of course, some intense playoff races down the stretch! But, how did Philly’s teams do? Well, due to the Magic beating the Bucks on the final night, the 76ers got the 7 seed in the play-in tournament, where they beat the Miami Heat and are currently battling the New York Knicks in the first round.

The Flyers weren’t so lucky. They stumbled in early April like the Phillies do every September. By the time they were winning games again, it was too late to get in.

On April 10, former NFL player and a participant in the world’s most famous slow speed police chase, OJ Simpson, passed to prostate cancer at age 76, with his family around him. Rest in peace, OJ.

However, we got relocation news unrelated to the Oakland Athletics very recently. On April 17, Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith officially bought the Arizona Coyotes, with the National Hockey League approving relocation to Salt Lake City. We do not know many more details, but we do know that the change is effective starting next season. The news is now finally official after years of relocation talks surrounding the Coyotes organization.

So, there we have it! April has just been another crazy month in the sports world, with lots to look forward to soon.