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By Cameron Moore (6th)

The 8th grade softball team at Colonial Middle School is on top of the world at the moment, it feels like. They just mercy ruled Sandy Run Middle School 24-2 in their final game of the season. Thanks to Alexa “Lex” Smith’s 5 RBI day, Liv Brodzinski’s lights-out performance (surrendering no runs in four innings of work), and the Patriots’ twelve-spot in the fourth, CMS softball had a dominant, undefeated regular season (again).

8th Grader Liv Brodzinski pitches.

This game was special for everybody. Near the end of the game, a few of Colonial’s lefties got in on the fun with slapped balls. In softball, lefty batters can pull off a trick where they start running to first and hit the ball while running. This is risky, and is often not seen in games. But it was a little bit of fun sprinkled into a massive blowout.

I was also fortunate enough to get a few post game interviews with those who asked (aka most of the team). I would like to thank softball head coach Mr. Ryan for letting me get these close-up interviews. Here are some highlights:

I asked multiple players about their thoughts on this season, which were obviously all positive responses. 

CF McKaela Nace seemed happy to not be in close games. “I kinda think it was the same as last year. [We] beat everyone 15-0 except for this team. 22-0.” (Also, I told them the score was 24-2, and they freaked out a little bit!) 

Aaliyah Pettis seemed to like the team chemistry. 

Talking with key pitcher Olivia “Liv” Brodzinski, she said, “I think we played really well, and we just, like, stuck together as a team.” 

RF Aubrey Ruth got straight to the point when I asked her: “I think it was good.”

I asked a few about their season highlight, also. 

LF Teagan Stanley loved the cheers here at CMS. “I think that cheering my

8th grader Aaliyah Pettis throws

teammates on, in general, and just being able to play with this team [was my highlight].” 

SS Lex Smith, who went off in the victory against Sandy Run, focused on a big individual accomplishment: “Probably the game I hit two over the fence home runs.” 

And before you go, “Over the brick wall?” I asked her this, too. “It was at a different away team.” But, as impressive as over the brick wall would’ve been, it’s still two over the fence home runs.

Gigi Juliano, as good of a season she has had, unfortunately said no when I asked her if she would be trying to get on the high school team. Fortunately, most of these girls said yes, so the Colonials will have a pretty good softball squad in years to come.

So, yeah. This team is really good. It will be very interesting to see how these girls do in the high school. Again, thanks to head coach Mr. Ryan for allowing me to do this. This article would not exist without his help!