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by Cam Moore


Soccer kits are representations of their teams. Some are pretty. Some are not.

In Major League Soccer (MLS), teams have a new kit each year. Their home and away kits last two years each. So, I decided to look at all of them. You may not like my opinions, and they are not meant to be taken seriously. So, let’s start looking.

Also, credit to for pictures.

Atlanta United Away

This is a cool, almost glass-like design. They had this concept last year, but both kits look different enough.

Austin FC Away

It’s clean, and that’s what I like about it. The alternate patch is cool too. Huge step up from what they came up with last year.


CF Montreal Home and Away

Montreal is releasing two new kits this year after their original kit from last year contained indigenous language in the kit. Both of these are incredible. The off-centered stripe on the away kit pairs really well with the snow-white jersey. The home kit, however, is even better. This awesome design is prominent and will easily be visible on TV. Montreal cares about their fashion.


Charlotte FC Home Kit

This kit is fine, but I’m bothered by the fact that Charlotte didn’t keep their full-light blue on the home kit. Still a good kit, though.


Chicago Fire Home Kit

This is hideous. The stripe is way too thick and boring. Actually, “boring” is the perfect description for this kit. Failure.


Colorado Rapids Home Kit

This isn’t failure. I really like the checkerboard design on this kit. It also may be the only thing Rapids win thi--


Columbus Crew Home Kit

This is terrible. The stripe is more interesting than Chicago’s, but it is still hideous. Bad look for the reigning league champs.


DC United Home Kit

I like this. DC United always has good kits, and this is a classic in this league. Clean with a cool design.


FC Cincinnati Away Kit

This is much better than their old away kit. It’s a clean white with some nice orange accents. My only issue is the blue Adidas stripes, but you have to put blue somewhere, I guess.


FC Dallas Home Kit

This is fine. The gradient effect is cool, but it looks a little bit strange. Again, this is perfectly fine.

Houston Dynamo Away Kit

Why does this look like a Cincinnati kit so much? Ehh…I like it. They are experimenting with a very basic color palette and making it less basic. It’s interesting.


Inter Miami Home Kit

I’ve never liked the centered patch and Adidas logo on jerseys, and this might be the worst sponsor incorporation on an MLS jersey. Why did Royal Caribbean just slap a giant anchor on the jersey? Seing “[Anchor] Royal Caribbean” on the jersey would be so much better. Other than this, the jersey just looks the same as their previous one, the only difference is pink shorts. Ugh.


LA Galaxy Home Kit

Yeah, this is good. We see many teams use a unique texture for a stripe, but I’ve never seen a blank stripe with texture on the rest of the jersey. It’s unique in its own way.


LAFC Home and Third Kits

The thin stripes on the home kit look very strange, especially the dark gray ones. But, at first, I didn’t believe the third kit was real. Reddit user otbeandip leaked these vintage-looking jerseys, reported by Footy Headlines. It is scheduled, along with all other third kits, to release in August.


Minnesota United Home Kit

We should just expect top-tier jerseys from this team every single year. This is unbelievable. This space theme looks so beautiful every time I see it, and the patch, as well as the Adidas and Target logos, stick out so well. Wow.


Nashville SC Home Kit

Yeah, I don’t like these. The Renesant logo is way too far from the top of the jersey and the navy blue stripe at the top looks very strange.


New England Revolution Home Kit

Way too much going on. The sleeves don’t look good, these stripes are weird, things just aren’t clicking for me.


NYCFC Away Kit

This is so unique. The dual colors of orange and light blue stick out on a black jersey. This is a cool kit.


New York Red Bulls Away Kit

This is fine, it has some interesting stripes. But why is the red jersey the away kit?


Orlando City Away Kit

This year is the rise of the throwback in MLS, and I love it. This is such a good jersey. The patch and colors are reminiscent of the Lions’ USL days before they were brought up to MLS. The orange accents and the patch look so good on the lavender jersey. Everything about this looks so good.


Philadelphia Union Home Kit

Again, I don’t like center patches. But, the stripe reminds me of snakes, which makes sense. It’s the Union. I’m totally biased.


Portland Timbers Away Kit

Ugh, centered patch again. But, the green leaves look very cool on the tan-colored jersey that was used in their previous away jersey.


Real Salt Lake Home Kit

No, this isn’t my thing. It isn’t ugly, but the mountain (?) looks weird and the sleeves have a different color (another pet peeve of mine).

San Jose Quakes Away Kit

Another throwback done right. It is clean with an awesome retro patch and colors. I can get behind this.


Seattle Sounders Rebrand -- Rebrand Alert!

Their rebrand brought a simplified, more traditional logo. While they kept their away jersey that they adopted last season, they have this new home jersey. I like the green, but I don’t like how the light blue is a different shade of blue than the shade of the logo.


Sporting KC Away Kit

This is a super cool color palette and design. Checkerboard patterns can always be hit or miss. This is a hit. The light blue accenting is cool, too.


Saint Louis CITY Away Kit

This is a masterpiece. Dual color palettes can look so cool on a jersey. The clean white combines well with the reddish-pink accents. This is simple, done right.


Toronto FC Away Kit

This is neat, from more clean white (you can tell I love clean, pearly white jerseys) to the simple features delivered with away kits. This isn’t the goat, but it’s far from garbage.

Vancouver Whitecaps Away Kit

Man, these teams are so creative with throwbacks. The gold looks awesome. It’s simple, but effective. There’s no complex designs or anything like that, and that looks good when it’s like this. I’m still in debate on the best throwback.

Now, the rankings, oh my. This was hard. But, this is my order:

  1. Minnesota United FC

  2. Vancouver Whitecaps

  3. Orlando City 

  4. CF Montreal (Home)

  5. Saint Louis CITY

  6. San Jose Quakes

  7. CF Montreal (Away)

  8. New York City FC

  9. FC Cincinnati

  10. Atlanta United

  11. LA Galaxy

  12. DC United

  13. Austin FC

  14. Colorado Rapids

  15. Sporting Kansas City

  16. Portland Timbers

  17. Toronto FC

  18. Philadelphia Union

  19. FC Dallas

  20. Houston Dynamo

  21. LAFC

  22. Red Bull New York

  23. Seattle Sounders

  24. Charlotte FC

  25. New England Revolution

  26. Inter Miami

  27. Real Salt Lake

  28. Nashville SC

  29. Columbus Crew

  30. Chicago Fire