by Tommy Doyle (6th)

The main idea is to escape the ink machine while fighting lost ones and searchers, and hiding from the ink demon and trying to find a way home.

Explore the ink machine and fight off monsters or you could just play something else who knows you can try and find unstable ink to upgrade or you can upgrade your gent pipe.

How you beat the game is you become the ink demon and run though a long hallway to find a projection of the end and that's it: you beat the game that you really can just explore and find secrets and all that stuff.

The bosses are kind of annoying but hard and there's a unique way to defeat one—you have to shut down signal towers—another you have to hit a lever.

The reason you should get it is that it has good graphics and gameplay and some things catch you off guard and fun mechanics and comedy and boss fights and details.

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