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by Abby Bellezza (6th grade)


If you could think of one word to describe pickles, what would it be? Gross, disgusting, or terrible might be the first words that come to mind, but they are actually very tasty. Here are some positives about pickles. 

First off, the flavor. While many do not like the sour taste of pickles, the sour taste mixed with the sweetness of the pickled cucumber tastes like a flavor you can never forget. Pickles are mostly disliked for the flavor, which I really don’t understand. The flavor is the best part! If you don't like how sweet or sour pickles are, you're in luck! They actually have flavors that are not so sweet, or not so sour. They also make jalapeno pickles, apple pie pickles, bacon flavored pickles, basically any type of pickle that you can imagine. For example, a company called Green KamiKozees in Bowers Pennsylvania even makes protein pickles! There is a type of pickle for everyone. 

Another reason why pickles are superior is because of the health benefits. Pickles are actually fairly healthy. Although pickles have a lot of sodium in them, they don’t have a lot of sugar. Pickles help with digestion, fighting diseases, muscle cramps, and anxiety. According to, fermented pickles are filled with good bacteria called probiotics, which are important for gut health. 

If you’re not convinced, then keep reading. Pickles go well with almost anything. You might think that because of the weird taste that pickles would taste weird with most foods. You don’t even have to pair the actual pickle with foods, you can pair the juice to give any food some extra flavor. The only thing I can think of that doesn’t go good with pickles is ground beef tacos. Seriously, don’t try that. Pickle juice is great when you’re looking for a great marinade for meat. Did you know that Chick Fil A soaks their chicken in pickle juice? Yeah, that’s right. Whenever you eat your favorite chicken sandwich, you’re actually eating pickle juice! 

So, if I haven't  convinced you that pickles are a win, then I honestly don’t know what to tell you. Hey, how about you go try a pickle right now?! 

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