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By Faith Jones, 8th grade

A million thoughts rushed through my head at once. I could feel my heart vibrating underneath my hospital gown as my skin started to crawl. I had to get out of here. Now.

"In all my years I never really thought it could be possible, so many failed attempts, and now after all this we have an actual match. It's truly amazing, incredible even." The doctor turned to look at me for the first time in what seemed like forever, like she suddenly got called back to reality. She had a small scar on her head, the shape of the sun.

For some reason I hadn't noticed until now, but that made it all the more freaky. I did my best to act calm, tried to ease my sweaty palms and rapid breathing, but there's no doubt she saw the absolute terror in my eyes. Her face hardened as she looked up into the corner of the white room, and spoke.

"Subject 626 is now conscious; prepare the table"

Something in her mechanical tone told me it was now or never to run. My adrenaline spiked, and I began to jump up, ready to fight my way out, but was stopped abruptly. I looked down, two large leather straps held my hands to the bed, another one around my chest and yet another at my feet, destroying any remote chance I had of escape. A cloud of terror rested on top of me as the doctor came around to meet my eyes.

Her voice was calming, nurturing almost. "I don't expect you to understand anything, none of your kind has so far. But I'll do my best to explain, considering you won't remember a bit of it. We're not going to hurt you; we just want to figure out how you work, get some information that will help us. interact. with each other."

Her words rang inside my head but I couldn't focus on a single one of them. I was drenched in sweat from head to toe, my fists clenched gripping the sheets for dear life.

Somewhere a flip was switched and an utterly blinding light hung above me, making it almost impossible to open my eyes fully.

"Trust me, you won't feel a thing." Something jabbed my arm, making me flinch. "Tomorrow this will all feel like one bad dream" The woman's words seemed to drift in the air, hanging there until the cold metallic needle left my arm.

Everything began to blur. Bodies rushing into the room. What sounded like a foreign language being scattered everywhere at once. The sudden movement of my bed being pushed forward. Going in and out like pictures on an old fashion camera, flipping from one to the other, then everything blended together as I was rushed down the fading hallway. Maybe it was the sedative slowly making its way through my body, but the people surrounding me seemed different.

Otherworldly. Almost . . . alien. As if something had clicked at that last thought I faded into yet another reluctant sleep.

Dreams spiraled through my head, clips I couldn't quite grasp. I tried my best to fight it, to wake up, but random little things kept coming through and pulling me under. The smell of the hospital, the monitor beeping, the blue eyed lady's clipboard and the plain white sheets spiraled in my head, slowly morphing and changing, until becoming new scenes all together. A woman playing with a little girl in a park, that same little girl learning to ride a bike, or watching tv, or baking a cake. I could only assume they were my memories, but the second I tried to look they went away, and were replaced by a brand new one. I don't know how long they went on for, but it seemed like the more came in the quicker they disappeared.

Again and again, faster and faster until no more came and everything faded to black.