School Board Q & A

Here are the answers to questions recently posed to the Colonial Board of School Directors.


A.  It was noted that the administration will follow up with PennDot. Note: After the meeting District administrators met with Whitemarsh Township police. It was explained that – with funds received from a grant, Montgomery County, PennDot and Whitemarsh Township, in consultation with the school district – will continue to make improvements to the Germantown Pike crosswalk upon receipt of permits from PennDot.


A. When the PWHS renovation began in 2015, the building was redesigned to facilitate an additional 300 students by 2026. At the start of the renovation, as many as 10-12 classrooms were unoccupied at any one time. By adding the centralized cafeteria, which can now accommodate 1,950 students in three lunch periods – relocating the counseling suite and administrative offices – combining the engineering, business and art classes in the new EDI wing on the first floor of the East Wing – and moving the fitness center and training rooms to the former west cafeteria – an additional five classrooms were created. The new Large Group Instruction room on the site of the former east cafeteria provides additional space for meetings, large group projects, speakers, testing and more. Additionally, the new west gymnasium provides seating for 1,750 for assemblies. The current high school enrollment is approximately 1,525.

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