By serving on committees, the members of the Colonial Board of School Directors develop a better understanding of the District's different components, can speak about the District's successes and challenges in those areas and make recommendations at the monthly general meetings.

Community Relations and Student Life/Safety and Wellness

Rosemary Northcutt (Chair) — Jennifer Dow — Cathy Peduzzi — Susan Moore

CRSL - All issues related to the District’s community outreach effort and student concerns, including but not limited to all public relations efforts, student trips and activities, student records and the Adult Evening School.

Safety and Wellness - All issues related to the District’s safety and security and to faculty and student wellness, including but not limited to security, emergency response and evacuation plans, student nutrition and diet, counseling/intervention programs, and student mental, physical, and dental health.


Beth Patruno (Chair) — Eunice Franklin-Becker — Rosemary Northcutt — Susan Moore
Makes recommendations to the Board regarding the following: budget allocation for on-cycle and off-cycle program implementation; requests for integrated materials, devices, educational supplies and equipment to include media and technology; program additions and deletions regarding course offerings; educational programs required by state and federal acts and codes; testing data as it impacts on curriculum, instruction and assessments; annual review of school goals as defined by administration and more.

Facilities Management and Transportation

Cathy Peduzzi (Chair) — Eunice Franklin-Becker — Chris Epstein — Susan Moore
Makes recommendations to the Board regarding the following: the condition of all buildings and grounds, repairs, renovations and replacements; the transportation needs of the District and the purchase and replacement of vehicles; supply and equipment needs as they relate to transportation, food service, maintenance of buildings, telecommunications, copy services and insurance; policies on the rental and use of District facilities and grounds by non-school groups; the purchase, sale or condemnation of property as needed; surplus equipment disposal; the preparation and distribution of RFPs and more.

Finance and Audit

Adam Schupack (Chair) — Chris Epstein — Beth Suchsland — Susan Moore
Makes recommendations to the Board regarding the following: annual operating budget; levy and assessment of taxes; designation of depository for school funds; payment of bills; the District's indebtedness; annual audit and investment review; transferring funds as needed; expenditures for building projects; insurance needs of the District; recommendation of capital budget items not approved as part of the yearly operational budget; establishment of financial policies and more.

Human Resources

Beth Suchsland (Chair) — Beth Patruno — Adam Schupack — Susan Moore


Makes recommendations to the Board regarding the following: employment practices and policies; contract negotiations, meet and discuss agreements, staffing levels, non-bargaining unit salaries, employee benefits and year-to-year compensation, as well as administers the Superintendent's evaluation, conducts grievance hearings and more.

Policy Committee

Chris Epstein (Chair) 

— Jennifer Dow — Beth Patruno — Susan Moore

Makes recommendations to the Board following review of District policies.

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