three smiling students

Pierce Koren, Caden Magill, and Morgan Abramson. Not pictured: Jacob Shenkman.

Four third graders sold their excess Halloween candy to benefit Ridge Park Elementary’s Families in Need drive. Families in Need provides clothing and toys to Colonial School District children for the winter holidays.

“It’s not fair that some people have nothing when we have so much,” said Ridge Park third grader Pierce Koren. “It's important that everyone is warm and comfortable, especially when it's cold.”

During their Thanksgiving break, Pierce, other Ridge Park third graders Caden Magill and Morgan Abramson, and Conshohocken Elementary third grader Jacob Shenkman sorted their candy by type into three buckets, made signs about raising money for the holiday fund, and encouraged people to donate on a street corner in their neighborhood. 

The team raised $81.