Congratulations and good luck to Ridge Park Elementary School third grader Morgan Masci, who’ll be competing in the Special Olympics state ice skating competition in York, Pa. the first weekend in March.

Morgan skating on the ice

Morgan goes to practice once each week and learns new skills each time.

“I’m looking forward to getting a medal,” said Morgan. “Hopefully, Gold.”

After Morgan was diagnosed with Autism, her mother signed her up for Special Olympics. From age two to seven, she played on their Bowling Team and ran Track. At age eight, when Special Olympics participants can begin to compete, she chose Figure Skating. 

“Up to this point Morgan had never ice skated, nor roller bladed, but I knew she had great balance, no fear, and she loves the snow,” said her mother, Donna Masci. “She immediately took to it.” 

Even though Morgan’s first time on the ice was this past October, she took home a Gold medal for her age group at her first local competition.

“The hardest thing about figure skating is skating backwards,” said Morgan. “My favorite thing about figure skating is doing swizzles.” 

“Listening to directions, focusing, and responding to questions is hard for Morgan, as it is for most children on the Spectrum,” added Ms. Masci. “But when Morgan is on the ice, she is completely focused and is able to follow along with her one-on-one ice skating volunteer.”

Morgan practices one per week, and learns new moves each session by mirroring the older athletes. The season runs from October to March.