Plymouth Elementary School students showed their support for the people of Ukraine by organizing a beverage stand at the Plymouth Community Center playground on March 16. 

The students raised $76 through direct sales and generous neighbors contributed another round of cash donations for a total of $121. The money is being given to the Humanitarian Aid Account set up through the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America and the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Jenkintown. The students sold iced tea, lemonade, orange juice, juice boxes and Hugs for a $1 each, and made signs to advertise their fundraising project. 

Initially the idea was more of an entrepreneurial one for Erica Levin and Nora Hayes. The second-graders wanted to make some money and thought about organizing a drink stand. 

“At first it was just for fun, but when other kids got involved and we set a day to make it happen, that’s when we decided to donate the money,” said Erica. “I heard from my mom what was happening in Ukraine and figured people there could use the money. There is a lot going on there.”

Erica, Nora, and Giuliana “Gigi” Laffredo had several planning meetings through Messenger Kids and in person to bring their idea to life. The girls announced their plans at school, and word spread throughout the day. Once the school day ended, they were joined by other friends and neighbors, including Reilly Stocchi, Josie Shane, Brynn Tentoff, Cecelia Felton, Beatrice Felton, Samuel Levin and Ricardo Lopez. The students set up shop at the playground and got to work. Jack Larkin helped keep track of the sales.

Erica said she was proud and happy to learn that her idea resulted in over $100 for the people of Ukraine.

“We never thought we would make that much money. We thought we’d sell maybe five drinks,” she said.