Students teachers and other adults standing in a group in the cafeteria


NBC10 Meteorologist Krystal Klei visited second graders at Whitemarsh Elementary School (WE) to talk about seasons, clouds, climate and other things related to what the students had recently learned in science and what Ms. Klei needs to know for her job. 

“We were learning about weather,” said WE second grader TJ Martin. “And we got to do it with a real person from NBC10.”

During the part of the presentation about clouds, the children were quick to identify the different types: cumulus, stratus, and cirrus — which Ms. Klei described as looking like cotton candy, a blanket and feathers. 

“We learned about clouds in science, but I didn’t really realize that one of the clouds looked like a feather,” added TJ. “But when she said that, I noticed that it really did.” 

Ms. Klei also talked about her job on television and brought three volunteers to the front to try their hand at explaining the weather like they do on NBC10. The children shared the current temperatures in the area, talked about a weather map and plotted out the 10-day forecast. 

woman pointing out something on a laptop computer to three students.


After the presentation, several students thought it would be interesting to be a meteorologist. 

“I know about clouds and science,” said WE second grader Brynlee Davis. “I’d like to talk to people around the world about clouds and the weather.”

The students’ knowledge and love of science is one of the things that Ms. Klei enjoys about visiting schools like WE.

“I remember as a kid growing up when loving science and math wasn’t so cool,” said Ms. Klei. “I think it’s amazing that now times have changed, and I just enjoy going out and getting kids even more excited about science.”

In addition to reinforcing concepts related to the weather, Mrs. Klei’s visit also offers a real-world example of a potential career that connects to what the second graders are learning in the classroom.