Rows of students posing outside of a convention center


The Colonial School District Technology Student Association (TSA) chapter recently returned with several accolades — including a first place trophy — from the 2018 National Technology Student Association (TSA) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ten students from Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) and 15 students from Colonial Middle School (CMS) competed at the conference, demonstrating their skills in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) along with more than 8,000 students from across the United States, Turkey, Germany and Japan.

CMS accomplishments:

  • The team of Andrew Beer, Avery Broggi, Benjamin Moldovski, Nolen Morasco and David Ruck placed first in the event Mass Production. In this event, the team used their advanced skills in technical design and construction to manufacture marketable geometric puzzles.
  • The team of Morasco and Ruck aided by Zane Al Saleem, Tejaswinsi Chinta, Anna Harrington and Anahita Mandal secured a fifth place spot in the event Construction Challenge. The event required competitors to create a prototype of a product that fulfilled a community need.
  • Moldovsky teamed up with Michael Phair to earn eighth place in the event Technological Design, in which they demonstrated the ability to use the technical design process to solve an engineering design problem.

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PWHS accomplishments:

  • The high school team of Scott Horry, Kevin Shi and Dean Suchsland placed eighth in the event Webmaster. Answering the prompt of "Artificial Intelligence," the team acted as a fictional robotics company and coded a website from scratch.
  • Individual Karen Minecci placed ninth in the event STEM Careers. In this event, participants are expected to choose a prospective career in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM).
  • Individual Shreya Bhutani placed tenth in the event Future Technology Teacher. In order to complete in this event, she researched technology education and created a lesson plan and presentation.

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In addition to the regular technology competition, middle schoolers Cayce Becker and Caitlin Dougherty received the Gold Achievement Award, which recognizes TSA members who develop skills in leadership and strive to achieve the ideals of TSA. In preparation, they completed many tasks to promote and engage in STEAM education and leadership initiatives.

"Overall, Colonial TSA students have accomplished great success and have proudly represented the Colonial School District once again," said advisor and CMS science teacher Clint Rickert. "Their impressive accomplishments at the National TSA Conference demonstrate how our students are inspired by the innovative programs at CMS and PWHS and how they can use the STEAM skills they learn to their advantage to 'lead in the technical world.'" 

The advisors for the Colonial TSA chapter also include Diana Rickert, CMS teachers Neil Engle and Jeff Yeagle, PWHS teacher Rich Evan and PWHS alumni Joe Narke.