With World Kindness Day on a Saturday this year, several Colonial schools celebrated a day early on Friday, November 12.

four students wearing shirts with kindness messages

“World Kindness Day is important, because it will show the world that each place is a great place. It will also hopefully make others want to be kind,” said Phillip Boakye, Colonial Elementary School fifth grader. “The more people show it, the more people know it.” 

At Ridge Park Elementary School, students and staff wore shirts with messages of kindness on them and decorated “helping hands” for a school wide display.

“It is important to be kind to make people feel happy,” said Ridge Park Elementary School first grader Reece Marks. 

“Kindness can make your day shine better, and you can fill up other people’s buckets,” added Ridge Park student Shoshana Ettman. 

At Colonial Elementary School, staff “radiated kindness” and encouraged students to contribute examples of kindness to a display at the school. 

“It is important to show your loved ones just how much you love them and being kind is a great way to show love,” said fourth grader Kyle Boyer. “For strangers, even though you don't know them, it is important that everyone gets to feel loved. When you think about the big wide world, if everyone in the world gave a little kindness, then hopefully everyone in the world will get to feel love.”

At the school level, events like World Kindness Day and the activities that surround them help promote a positive school climate by bringing everyone together for the same cause. 

“All the teachers and staff are sending the same message — that we all believe in the importance of being kind and participating in uplifting events. It’s helpful for generalization of the skills and behaviors when we are consistent with our messages to the students,” said Bridget Craig, Special Education Teacher at Colonial Elementary. “Plus, who doesn't like a little fun built into the day?”

World Kindness Day is a global holiday that was first introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement. This organization was formed at a conference in 1997 when Japan brought kindness organizations of multiple nations together. Today, more than 28 countries are a part of the World Kindness Movement group.

Five kids wearing kindness shirts