Every winter, the World Language clubs at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School hold a friendly competition to see which club can bring in the most donations for a special cause. This year, the groups chose to collect cans of food for Philabundance. 

Five Spanish club students holding bags of food donations

Spanish Club officers with donations.

"I believe that this competition with the other clubs is a great way to encourage club members to participate and work together,” said Spanish Club events coordinator Josh DeLeon.

Together, the three clubs brought in nearly 500 cans of food, with the Latin Club taking the top spot with 246 cans. 

“I like having bragging rights, and it is nice to help people in need,” said Latin Club member Andrew Calabria.

“My favorite part was the joking banter between the clubs,” added Spanish Club president Michael Krayyem. “But in the end, we were all working towards the same cause, so it was a form of collaboration in a way.”

In addition to finding ways to do community service, the World Language clubs at PWHS give students a chance to practice their skills and gain a deeper understanding of other parts of the globe. 

“Being in a language club is a great opportunity to explore other cultures and see the world through another perspective,” said Spanish Club member Natalie Lieberman. “Learning about other people through language and activities connects you to the outside world in a way that can't be experienced just through a normal class.”

The PWHS World Language Department received a 2021 Golden Globe Award from the Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association for offering an “exemplary program.” Students at PWHS can take Spanish, French, or Latin. 

members of the latin club holding cans and boxes

Latin Club members and their donations to the Food Drive for Philabundance.