Families with a child on the oncology floor at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) will benefit from care packages made by Conshohocken Elementary third graders in the CE Helping Hands club. 

“We were making toiletry bags and snack bags for CHOP for the parents, because sometimes you’re not expecting to just go to the hospital,” explained CE third grader Blake Stump.

two boys holding plastic bags with toiletries in them

Club members encouraged the other students in the school to bring in supplies by grade level. For example, second graders collected shampoo and conditioner, and third graders donated snacks like granola bars and pretzels.

“My favorite part was watching the kids when we asked if they would try something new and reach out to the families for help with our project. They were so excited to do that,” said CE Instructional Aide Becky Cosgrave who helps oversee the club. “We had so many donations. Every challenge we give this group this year, they take it on, and they rock it.” 

Ms. Cosgrave also reached out to Conshohocken dentist Dr. David Cochran, who donated toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, and toothpaste.

three girls putting toiletries into plastic bags

The Helping Hands club meets one day each month an hour before school starts. For their March meeting, they used most of this time to sort the items and fill the bags. 

“I really liked making the bags,” said CE third grader Mia Weiss. “I like to organize. It’s easy for me, and I can get it done quick.”

Girl and boy coloring while lying on gym floor

The children also decorated cards and wrote encouraging messages inside.

“I wrote ‘you are strong,’ because some people think that they’re not strong enough,” said CE third grader Madison Craydor. 

“I wrote ‘you matter,’” added Mia. “I really like the saying. It was also the theme for our kindness week.” 

Because this project was the biggest of the year so far, the students finished coloring their cards in their classrooms before Morning Meeting and filled the snack bags during some indoor recess time later in the day.

“My favorite thing about this project was helping people and making stuff for them, because it’s spreading kindness around the world,” said CE third grader Rosie McGuckien. 

The project has special ties to the Conshohocken Elementary School, because one of the faculty members had a personal experience where their child was admitted to the CHOP

Six student holding bags of toiletries with Making A Difference logo