The Colonial School District Educational Foundation gave out four scholarships this year and also began the transition to take over the PW Scholarship Fund.

Mark Canale Scholarship

A new award for 2022, the Mark Canale Scholarship recognizes someone from the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School’s AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program. This year’s winner is Alex Wilkie-Viscio. Alex is heading to Gettysburg College in the fall to study business management and play baseball. 

“I want to give back to students who might not be taking the stereotypical path, like not going to a four-year college right away, or a student who may learn differently,” said Mark Canale, who graduated from PWHS in 2002. “AVID is a good match.”

Foundation co-presidents with Mark Canale and 2022 winner Alex Wilkie-Biscio

Left to right: CSDEF Co-President Jori Broad, Scholarship Winner Alex Wilkie-Viscio, Mark Canale, CSDEF Co-President Annette Swartz

Mike Brenner Scholarship and the Boys of 92 Scholarship

Jullian Williams was the winner of both the new Mike Brenner Scholarship and the Boys of 92 Scholarship. After rehabilitating an injury during football season, Jullian decided to go into Physical Therapy and will begin his schooling with two years at Montgomery County Community College and hopes to continue with a transfer to Widener University.

The Mike Brenner scholarship, given by the Brenner family, remembers a local man who loved basketball and supporting student athletes of all ages.

Scholarship winner Jullian Williams with the Brenner family and CSDEF Co-President Annette Swartz

Left to right: Sandy Brenner Spitzer, Randy Brenner, Scholarship Winner Jullian Williams, Elaine Brenner, Deb Delano Brenner, CSDEF Co-President Annette Swartz

The Boys of 92 scholarship comes from a team of PWHS alumni looking to give back to a new generation of graduates.

Scholarship winner Jullian Williams with the "Boys of 92" and CSDEF Co-President Annette Swartz

Left to right: CSDEF Co-President Annette Swartz, Mike Blumberg, Michael Bicene, Michael Kurtz, Jullian Williams, Dave Roomberg, Max Weiner, David Krieger

CSDEF Scholarship

Maddyn Shapiro is the recipient of the CSDEF Scholarship. As a student representative on the CSDEF Board, Maddyn had the opportunity to see how the Foundation operated behind the scenes and donated her time and talents to help with CSDEF initiatives. She will be attending the University of Michigan where she will be majoring in Psychology.

Scholarship Winner Maddyn Shapiro with CSDEF Co-Presidents

CSDEF Co-President Jori Broad, Scholarship Winner Maddyn Shapiro, CSDEF Co-President Annette Swartz

PW Scholarship Fund

The CSDEF coordinated $2,905 in donations for the PW Scholarship Fund in memory of retired Colonial principal Al Erb, who passed away in January. The Foundation will be taking over responsibility for the fund and distributing scholarships next year.