In recognition of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Chef Bill Seely, the District's new Culinary Coordinator and the Food Services Department offered scratch made chicken enchiladas with rice and black beans at Colonial Elementary School as a way to introduce students to new meals and the cultural connections that food can evoke. 

Enchiladas are believed to have originated with Aztec and Mayan civilizations in ancient Mexico. When Spanish conquistadors arrived, they documented the variety of foods indigenous people ate and enchiladas were among those cited. Over time, the enchilada has gone through many transformations and cultural influences. Food is just one way that we celebrate the diverse cultures of our community, and the Food Service Department plans to meet with student groups to test recipes and add new menu items that reflect a wide variety of cultural preferences.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is held annually from September 15 to October 15.

lunch tray with cauliflower, plumb, milk, and enchilladas