High school is often seen as the pathway to college. As a result, many courses in high school offer opportunities that can help them in the future. One of them is dual enrollment.

“Dual enrollment is the opportunity for students to take the course and get both high school and college credit at the same time. Some students go to a college and take the course and earn credit at the high school, while others take a course at the high school and earn college credit,” said Plymouth Whitemarsh High School teacher Mickey Engel. “In computer science, my students are eligible through their time here to take 15 credits or five different courses in conjunction with Montgomery County Community College.” 

So next time you’re entering a class that offers dual enrollment, think about it.

“It certainly looks good when they’re applying to colleges to be able to show colleges that they’ve done college work,” added Mr. Engel. “Those credits will transfer in, as well, saving those students and families money on their tuition across the years of their college.”