Storyteller Kala Jojo shared messages of peace and love through entertaining stories and songs during a March 18th visit to Colonial Middle School.

The visit to Colonial Middle School (and Colonial Elementary School) was made possible by a grant from the Colonial School District Education Foundation. Kala Jojo, known as the Tall Storyteller, performed tales crafted from African heritage that feature themes of cultural diversity, healing, conflict resolution, and humor. Kala Jojo is a music teacher at the Harambee Charter School in Philadelphia but travels nationally to present at storyteller festivals, conferences and audiences across the country. 

Using drums and other instruments, Kala Jojo weaved music and stories together for Colonial Middle School students and involved them in the storytelling process by inviting them up to the front to pantomime and say a few lines. 

The visit tied into Black History Month and the sixth-graders’ study of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, a novel by Mildred D. Taylor that tells the story of a black family facing racism during the Depression. Students were asked to write thank you notes following Kala Jojo’s visit, and in doing so, expressed an appreciation for his positive messages.

“I learned a lot of lessons from your story. Most of all, I learned that you have to keep going no matter what. Sometimes it might be difficult, but when you push through it, you will see how happy you are when you reach your goal,” wrote Olivia.

Lila said in her note that she enjoyed the performance so much that she told her family about it when she got home.

“WOW! That’s the first word that comes to my mind when I think about your performance.  I loved your stories. They were humorous, fun, and interactive,” she wrote.