The scarecrows decorating Whitemarsh Elementary School may actually look quite friendly to the black birds they are supposed to keep away. Many were smiling and wearing feather boas, sequins, and other festive attire thanks to the creativity of students and the Whitemarsh Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

The annual scarecrow event has taken place for many years, thanks to the support of the PTO. The PTO provides the materials and volunteers to help create the scarecrows, which are set up on sign posts around the school. 

“Whitemarsh parents are super involved and they are super helpful and they love to make this school a welcoming place to be in,” said teacher Kristin Turner. “All of the kids donate items to build the scarecrow and we just use them to decorate for the fall season. Every year, we just outdo ourselves.”

Each class picks a theme for its scarecrow, and students in Ms. Turner’s class voted for a beach theme. Students then brought in items to put on the scarecrow that reflect the theme.

“We’re going to put a hat and some sunglasses (on our scarecrow),” said Cece Martin.

“I have a seashell necklace,” said Alena Munn.

The scarecrow also had a beach towel and beach bucket to complete its ensemble. Other scarecrows were decked out in Eagles jerseys and superhero costumes.