Plymouth Whitemarsh High School students in the Water Education Training (WET) class recently shared what they have learned about water safety, water games, and swimming technique with students in Mary Rems’ Life Skills class.

High school students taking the WET course usually work with Colonial Elementary School fourth-graders but plans were modified this year, allowing for the high school students to work together for the first time in the pool. Students who are enrolled in the class are certified to be lifeguards, and the class allows them the opportunity to work on swim strokes, water survival techniques, boating, and other games and skills. Part of the course involves allowing the students to impart what they have learned to peers so they can practice good management and teaching strategies, but it is also about developing relationships.

“In a world that is tech-driven, they worked at fine-tuning their interpersonal communication skills and developing friendships,” said Bryan Gregg, Health and Physical Education teacher. “They were impacted by the success of the Life Skills class and their ability to overcome challenges.”

Ms. Rems said her students benefited from the experience as well.

“Life Skills go to socialize with typical-aged peers, get personalized swim skills, and learn new water and pool games,” she said. “They absolutely loved it!”