A peer tutoring program born out of the pandemic resulted in over 60 elementary school students getting extra help across the district this year, thanks to the efforts of the PW Pals.

The PW Pals are Plymouth Whitemarsh High School students who volunteer their time to meet with students in grades K-6 at least once a week to help them with their studies. The older students are given community service hours for their time. This year, they spent over 362 hours combined helping their younger peers, and some are planning to continue their work over the summer months.

The Pals program began in 2020, when it became apparent that some younger students could benefit from additional help while attending school virtually. Jessica Mancuso, a high school secretary, said her two young children were the first to try out the virtual tutoring sessions and their success led to the program growing as more learned about it. 

Any high school student can become a tutor so long as it does not interfere with their own studies. Many of the students are National Honor Society members. This year’s tutors included Emma D. Manley, Lillian Staneruck, Olivia (Livie)-Ekbatani, Zane Al-Saleem, Skyler Alten, Tara Nori, and Ava Augustine.

“We are extremely proud of the dedicated and hard work these students put into this program,” said Ms. Mancuso.