Plymouth Whitemarsh High School’s senior baseball players honored teachers who have made lasting impressions on them as part of an annual “Teacher Appreciation Day” event held on May 4.

In a pregame ceremony before their game against Quakertown, the seniors each recognized a teacher they respect and admire and presented them with a baseball on which they had written a personal thank-you message. Here is a look at the students and their reasons for selecting their “all-star” teacher:

Pat Hughes

Pat chose Bob Culp, social studies teacher, as his “all-star” teacher because of the entertaining and fun environment Mr. Culp creates in the classroom. 

Alex Smith

Alex invited Senora Jen Brotman to the ceremony because of what she taught him about other cultures as part of Spanish class.

Joe Redmond

Joe thanked Jim Carr, social studies teacher, for always caring about his well-being as a student. He said that it is impossible not to smile when he sees Mr. Carr because of the positive memories he has of his class. He thanked Mr. Carr for “all the important lessons he has taught me and for being himself.”

Dominic DiCiurcio

Dominic honored Barb Duda for making sure he had what he needed to be successful in the classroom and in life. “She always checks on me to make sure I”m doing alright, and she is always there to give advice,” he said.

Ray Tomassetti

Ray selected Kevin Golebiewski, physical education teacher, and said he has always been supportive of Ryan’s endeavors, even if he didn’t take Mr. Golebiewski’s advice to become a swimmer. He noted that “Mr. G.” has a way of inspiring and uplifting him with his kind personality, even on days when Ray is not particularly excited about being in school.

“The world needs more people like Mr. G.,” he said.

Jesse Jaconski

Jesse honored his coach and social studies teacher, Chris Manero, for being so supportive of him as a player and as a student over the last four years. Jesse said he felt he could always go to Mr. Manero for advice. 

“He has supported me on the field, in the classroom, and off the field with my outside life,” he said. “I know I can always count on him when I need him.”

Alex Wilkie-Viscio 

Alex invited Melissa Downer, English/Language Arts teacher, to be honored because he feels every student should be so lucky to have a teacher like her. He noted that he is going to make the most of his time left with her since he knows he will miss her when he goes to college.

“She pushes me to take more advanced classes even when I thought at certain times I wouldn’t be able to do it,” he said. “She always sees the best in me. Coming into her class every other day is never a burden. I can always be my goofy crazy self around her.”

Michael Miller 

Michael selected Michele Stingle, Colonial Middle School teacher, as his “all-star” because she always offered him help and support while he was a middle school student.