Visitors to Plymouth Elementary School (PE) can now enjoy a good book while following the school’s new Story Walk. 

Mother points to text while daughter reads a book mounted along a path outside of a school


With pages spread out over a trail that starts near the parking lot and ends at the playground, children and families can read a new book each month. The current book is A New Kind of Wild by Zara González Hoang.

PE first grader Eliana Kim took time to read some of the story to her little brother. 

“My favorite part is the pictures,” she said. 

Prashantha Konkodi enjoyed watching his daughter, first grader Praneetha, go from station to station to read the story out loud to the family.

“This is exciting, because it promotes their reading skills,” said Mr. Konkodi. "They can play and read together. That’s a really good idea.” 

Funding for the Story Walk came from Family Engagement money provided to PE as a Title I school.

For more information about Title I and what that means for Plymouth Elementary School, please click here.