The fourth and fifth grade students at Colonial Elementary School (CES) can now team up for pickleball during recess. 

Kids with balls and paddles getting tips from Principal Rock

Principal Rock helping students work on hand-eye coordination.

“It’s the latest craze. We’re trying to get the kids some different activities out here so they can work on team sports and hand-eye coordination,” said CES Principal Rose Rock. “A couple of the kids played at camp, so it’s super popular, and they’re super excited.”

Colonial’s maintenance crew drew up the courts on the macadam, and the playground aids set up the nets each day. 

 “I like it, because you run around and hit the ball,” said CES fourth grader Dylan Capizzi. “It’s fun, and you can play with your friends.”

This fall, the students have been learning the rules, practicing bouncing a ball on the paddle, and lining up to take turns playing on the court. In the long term, the school plans offer competitive pickleball as an activity.

The new pickleball equipment and courts were funded by a gift from the Colonial School District Education Foundation (CSDEF). The CSDEF gave each principal $1,200 for their school.

four students playing pickleball on a court with principal supervising