It’s a little over a month into the school year, and even the kindergarteners have a strong grasp of classroom expectations. In teacher Tara Homer’s class at Ridge Park Elementary School, the children were working at Math Stations during Math Workshop.

“They’re so fun,” said RP kindergartener Lena. “You always have something to play with, and you never run out. You get new stuff every day.”

five students counting pom poms into plastic cups

Students count pom poms into numbered cups.

While students look at the Math Stations as play, the different centers around the room feature academic activities that help the children develop better number sense and counting skills. After reviewing a “Grab and Count” game as a group, students were assigned to different the stations, where they counted physical objects like pom poms and cubes, matched pictures with numbers in a puzzle, used the math application called DreamBox on an iPad, or worked in a small group with Mrs. Homer. 

“I liked the puzzle that we played,” said Mateo. 

“I like numbers, and I like counting, because we can get better at counting,” added Logan, who is looking forward to learning how to count to 100. 

In addition to practicing their numbers, Math Centers also give the kindergarteners a chance to develop skills that go along with establishing a routine, working with partners, and working in small groups.

three students helping boy on tablet

Three children help another student fix a problem on his iPad.

“It’s important to listen to other students, so you can be respectful,” said James.

While the kindergarteners have learned a lot in the first few weeks of school, the students aren’t the only ones settling into life in the classroom.  

“It’s refreshing this year to see them collaborating, working in groups, and sharing as opposed to last year,” said Mrs. Homer. “It feels normal. It’s great.” 

The kindergarteners are currently counting to 20. In the coming weeks, they’ll work up to 50 and 100, and then begin simple addition and subtraction.