Conshohocken Elementary School students began the final week of January with good deeds in mind, as the entire building celebrated the 2022 Great Kindness Challenge.

On Jan. 24, students kicked off a week of activities with a parade where they carried signs with uplifting and creative messages, such as “Kindness is free - sprinkle it everywhere” and “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” In the following days, students completed kindness checklists, wrote notes to pen pals in other schools within the District, and practiced mindfulness as a way to be kind to themselves.

Each classroom also selected a local Conshohocken business to which they would send cards and/or posters for display. For example, students worked on notes of kindness to be given to customers who frequent the ‘Feine Coffee shop. 

“It’s something we have done each year,” said School Counselor Elyse Johnson Nevins. “The local Conshohocken community is always so supportive of the school whenever we have events or activities going on – often donating items, time or support through helping us advertise what we are doing – so this is a chance for us to show our appreciation.”

Students were not the only ones to get in on the challenge. Conshohocken’s Parent Teacher Organization provided treats throughout the week for faculty and staff, and Head Cook Donna Koletas made kindness “appealing” by writing positive messages on bananas using edible marker. 

The week concluded with students reflecting on the impact that their acts of kindness have made in the school and in the borough. 

The Great Kindness Challenge is an national initiative centered around a checklist of 50 kind acts for students to complete. Learn more about it here.