Colonial School District’s Extended School Year program wrapped up on Aug. 4 with a day of fun outdoor activities designed to help children beat the heat.

Even Superintendent Dr. Michael Christian took part, allowing students to dump a bucket of water on his head if they were able to hit a target with a ball. Several students succeeded in dousing their superintendent with water.

Another game that students participated in included a relay where they had to soak sponges with water, run to a bucket with the sponge, and then squeeze the sponge out. The team who filled their bucket the most won. Other games included throwing footballs or dodgeballs at targets, an obstacle course, a slip-and-slide, and a race where students had to carry as many empty pizza boxes as they could across the field. 

The fun day of outdoor activities was the culmination of several weeks of summer programming for students with special needs that featured a theme of “Reach for the Stars.” Along with working on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals, the students joined in space-related activities that helped them to practice motor and speech/language skills, socialization, and academics so they do not lose ground over the summer break. Special activities included a visit from the fire department, sharing a recipe of the week, and a drum circle with professional musician Michael Clipman. 

Over 100 students attended this year’s program from elementary and secondary levels. Eligibility is based on criteria that are monitored throughout the school year.