Congratulations to the students in the Life Skills program at Whitemarsh Elementary School who will be moving to Colonial Elementary School in the fall. 

Three students wearing graduation caps

“We’re celebrating them today, because they’ve worked hard and grown a lot,” said teacher Stephanie Brennan Malarski. “We have a great sense of community in Room 3, and we’re proud of them.” 

The Life Skills program provides students with intellectual disabilities opportunities to learn functional skills to be more independent — like personal hygiene, communication, social cues, and how to follow a schedule — as well as basic academics. While most school districts simply move the students in the Life Skills program along with their grade level peers, Colonial School District looks at each child and places them where they fit best.

“Their needs and their strengths drove the programming, so they’ve been here a bit longer than your standard amount of time and grade levels,” said Mrs. Brennan Malarski. “It’s all about making progress and designing programs around kids. It’s pretty trailblazing, actually, so it's fun to be a part of it.” 

All of the students from the Life Skills program, staff, and families attended the ceremony, which included recognizing the three students, dancing, and refreshments.

Staff students and family holding hands and dancing